Are You Unlocking Your Full Lilypad Potential?
Nov 10, 2023
Written By: Matthew Bruner
Category: Beer Sales Best Practices | Sales Pro Tips
CRM tips to unlock Lilypad potential

Alleged bias aside, we think Lilypad is an incredibly valuable tool to help grow your business and improve customer relationships. Lilypad’s robust features allow sales teams to drill down into the nitty gritty of their customer accounts, arming themselves with insights that make all the difference in customer retention and driving more placements. That being said, it’s important to take a step back and confirm that you are capitalizing on all your Lilypad potential. If you aren’t making the most of Lilypad, you aren’t making the most of your brand.

Applying Sales Attribute Filters to Your Map View

Lilypad’s Accounts tab provides an interactive bird’s eye view to help plan all your daily visits. It shows you accounts that haven’t been touched in 30 days, accounts that haven’t been visited but have purchased products, and more. This prompts sales reps to plan the most effective route for a particular day to make the most impact on their accounts.  

A key component of this view is applying attribution filters to get more granular data. The three primary out-of-the-box attributions are:

  • Best day to visit
  • Best time to visit
  • Distributor order day

Reps can use these filters to ensure their site visits occur when it makes the most sense for the customer, streamlining the placement process and showing the customer that you have taken the time to get to know their business.

Users can add and customize filters for views that create even more efficiencies for their business. Other examples of customizable filters include:

  • Number of draft lines: Helps identify opportunities for larger volume placements, like locations with 16+ lines that can hold half kegs.
  • Type of venue: Sort between restaurants, bars, eatertainment venues, and more.
  • Brands and SKUs: See what locations are buying which products and how much of them.

This information can help tailor sales approaches to address the specific needs of accounts.

Take Control in Control States

Control states present an interesting challenge for suppliers. On-premise accounts go to state-run off-premise locations to purchase their inventory. Your reps can sell accounts on different brands and SKUs all day, but the customer still must purchase from another party, eliminating helpful wholesaler data. Thankfully, there are helpful attributes that increase your Lilypad potential.

Many of these establishments sort their alcohol products into categories like:

  • Well placement
  • Back bar menu
  • Menu placement

By applying these types of attributes to a location, reps have more insight into where and how their brands are being stocked and find opportunities for more placements.

View Wholesaler Invoice Data

Gain even more purchase data insights by looking at wholesalers’ total sales by invoice. This information gives reps as much brand awareness as possible to better prepare them for visits and conduct more meaningful follow-ups.

They can establish a point of contact with loyal accounts that may not have been touched before and find opportunities for more account interaction with tastings, displays, and more.

Follow Up With Intent

Lilypad’s customization features can scale your business from the first few reps to regional and national domination. Set your brand apart by creating lasting relationships with your accounts through Lilypad’s organizational tools. These insights allow you to strike while the iron is out, plan more efficient routes in target areas, and empower your sales team with knowledge that translates to more success out in the field.  

Contact us if you need help with applying attributes and other ways to unlock your full Lilypad potential!

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