How Our Social Wall Can Help Incentivize Teams, Increase Placements, and Boost Sales
Nov 3, 2023
Written By: Matthew Bruner
Category: Beer Sales Best Practices | Sales Pro Tips

One unique feature of Lilypad is its collaboration among team members. The sales rep life can be isolating at times, with one site visit after another. Lilypad’s Social Wall provides a space where users can share best practices, motivate the team with announcements and incentives, and keep everyone updated on new company procedures.

The Social Wall is an interactive feature that functions like an Instagram feed. Users can post updates with pictures of their shelf placements or their beverages on tap at a new location. It can inspire a little healthy competition among sales reps, as well as serve as a pipeline for unofficial progress reports that managers can view and call out to build camaraderie.

“I think there are a lot of great things that you could be doing out in the field if you are selling an alcoholic beverage that aren’t necessarily just a visit or a sale. For example, maybe you’re improving your shelf placement, maybe you’re doing tastings with buyers, or maybe you’re scheduling a tasting event. What I’ve been able to do with Lilypad that is huge, in my opinion, is assign point values to these activities that in the past weren’t getting great recognition,” said Levi Logstrom, Sales Manager at McTavish Brands, in a recent client feature.

Levi mentioned how he uses the Social Wall tool to keep track of his reps’ activities so they can later spotlight certain things in sales meetings. For example, a rep may have found a new, innovative way to highlight the product with how it’s stocked in an off-premise location. Another example could be a rep scheduling multiple tastings in a market that was previously inactive, potentially setting up new placements in untapped areas.

The goal of the Social Wall is to unite your team under the common goal of promoting your brand. There can be a lot of hurdles along the way, along with a lot of new tips and tricks picked up that ultimately lead to more placements. The Social Wall fosters an ongoing conversation with each of your team members, whether they’re in the field or at home base.

Managers have the capability to assign point values as they see fit, providing a customizable format. Managers can also complement the Social Wall with their own internal incentives to further promote competition and collaboration. Think of the Social Wall as part leaderboard, part communication channel, and part photography feed, all driven toward the same goal of achieving more success in the field.

The bev alc industry is fun! There is no reason your alcohol CRM tool needs to be lifeless and dull. Lilypad’s Social Wall creates engagement and a winning culture.

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