Lilypad makes beverage alcohol sales simple

We believe that passionate beverage alcohol teams deserve software that is as carefully crafted as their liquid. From reps to managers to brewmasters, Lilypad is dedicated to helping our clients crush their goals.

Our Story

Before we were Lilypad, we were sales reps navigating the daily struggles of life in the field. After years of sorting through spreadsheets, endless email chains, and coffee-stained notebooks we decided there had to be a better way. So, in 2013 we set out on our quest to build the ultimate tool for field sales teams.

As a scrappy startup, we learned from our customers and refined the product for a couple of years, keeping our passion for field sales reps and those tasked with coaching them at the center of everything we built.

In 2015, we were extremely fortunate to partner with passionate craft breweries and distilleries who knew that we were on the cusp of creating the ultimate solution for their teams, and they weren’t afraid to share their excitement. As we entrenched ourselves into their world, we fell in love with the people, products, brands, culture, and ultimately the problems we could solve. We shifted our product to not only address the common challenges among field sales teams but also the unique nuances of life in beverage alcohol sales.

We’ve grown quite a bit since then. Lilypad now empowers over 200 beverage alcohol clients ranging from breweries to distilleries, to distributors, and everything in between. Though the product has evolved and the team has grown, we keep our core principles at the center of everything we do.

Lilypad Core Principles

  • Design amazing experiences
  • Put users first
  • Deliver raving fan customer service
  • Be passionate and humble
  • Never stop learning
  • Don’t be average
  • Have a blast!

We hope you find that these come through in everything we do.

Thank you for checking out Lilypad. Don’t be a stranger. We’d love to discuss how we can help you crush your goals.