Sell More Liquid

Meet Lilypad at Brew Talks Minneapolis, MN // Monday May 2, 2022

Drive more beer sales, communicate across tiers, and keep your sales team focused on what matters.

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    CRM Built For Beer

    Collaborate & Motivate

    Create an environment where your team can thrive every day. Reps are isolated out in the field; improved collaboration with peers and interaction with management ensures you have your finger on the pulse of your sales efforts.

    Cross-Tier Communication

    Ditch the spreadsheets and stop wasting hours creating reports. Lilypad automatically sends placements, visits, promotions and account issues identified in the field to your distributors.

    Placement Tracker

    Your reps and managers will know exactly where they stand with every commitment. Increase awareness, improve closing rates, and manage your funnel.

    Activity Management & Execution

    Lilypad is the only fully customizable activity management system specifically tailored for beverage alcohol sales. Build, assign, and track every activity your team executes in the field.