Sell More Liquid: Get More out of Your Supplier CRM
Mar 29, 2022
Written By: Chris Mauro
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Lilypad CRM

How much faster would you reach your sales goals if you could track the opportunity to placement process, collect real-time information from your PODs, and quickly analyze your product trends?

Picture this: You’re the owner of a locally acclaimed brewery and have hired a sales team to expand the reach of your business.

Your sales reps are well-versed and knowledgeable about the beers you produce and are now ready to enter the field and sell some products. But if your sales team isn’t equipped with the right CRM to capture and analyze customer data, they will run the risk of neglecting current client relationships and missing new opportunities.

Enter Lilypad’s Map Feature to Fuel Successful Sales

With Lilypad, you and your sales team gain access to many helpful customer relationship management tools. The map feature lists the locations of your current clients and prospects and further categorizes them by your active, aging, and prospecting accounts. In just a matter of seconds, boost your productivity and drive your daily route efficiency.

Lilypad CRM Placement Tracker Map

Improve Closing Rates by Staying Focused

Take the guessing out of your day and nurture your verbal commitments with the Lilypad placement funnel. When your reps arrive at their first location of the day, they will boot up their Lilypad app and open the account log. On the account profile page, a sales rep can log vital customer information, including point of contact, account-specific notes, and photos of their in-store successes. Your team will also be able to map their day using attributes, such as the best day to visit, so they align with buyers at an optimal time. They can also access account-level sales history and add verbal commitments in real-time, all in the palm of their hands. After meeting with the retail buyer, your team inputs their visit notes directly into their account activity. Now, as a sales director, you have more insights and trackability into your team’s success.

Boost Your Team’s Confidence

After visiting multiple locations throughout the day, your team successfully updates the status of each location on the fly and ensures both your brewery and your customer are getting the most out of each visit. Your team is well prepared to visit even more sites tomorrow and SELL MORE LIQUID!

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