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Lilypad is the only fully customizable activity management system specifically tailored for beverage alcohol sales.

Drive Field Sales

Arm your team with the tools and technology needed to navigate the market and bring sales to life successfully. Make field execution simple to understand and guide your team using trackable, customizable metrics.

Communicate Across Tiers

Ditch email chains and messy spreadsheets and opt for easy-to-read reports that summarize your team’s commitments, action items needed, events, visits, and ride withs using the Distributor Recap tool. Bundle data in any time frame to concentrate on goals and strategies and share the information across all levels of your team.

Hit Your Targets

Streamline your team’s efforts and focus on specific Target Lists and Goals for each rep in the market. Direct and motivate your sales teams by highlighting high-impact account and targets and align efforts to keep everyone on track.

Measure Your Team’s Execution

Use Core Reports to understand quickly where your reps are spending time and what actions are being executed. Compare team data to make educated decisions that help you form strategic KPI’s and create efficiency within your organization.

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Get Depletion Data

Receive practical information through Advanced Reports created using aggregate data captured from your distributors’ RAS, QuickBooks Online, or file transfer systems. Save valuable time and make decisions using real-time, actionable data.

Align With Your Distributors

Unlock the exclusive Lilypad Placement Tracker so your reps can see when their “yes” lands on the retailers’ shelves. Nurture retailer and distributor relationships with visibility into sales, incorrect deliveries, and pending placements.

Analyze Your Sales

Equip yourself with easy, digestible data sets, such as Lost PODs, New PODs, and Distributor Overviews, so you can navigate opportunities and wins in the market.

Take Strategic Action

Utilize the power of Lilypad CRM and Data so your organization can stay focused on sales and understand data and trends in your everyday market. Keep your teams motivated, hold your distributors accountable, and sell more liquid.

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