Offline Mode Documentation

Why We Built Offline Mode

We built Offline Mode specifically for life in the field. We hope that this major revamp of the way we process data simplifies the day to day for all of our users who struggle with poor coverage in the trade.

When you have good LTE internet coverage or are on WiFi, Lilypad retrieves and pushes data on the fly from our servers. This is how just about everything has worked in the Lilypad app for our entire life as a company and is standard practice when it comes to mobile applications. Unlike leisure apps, our users count on us to do their job day to day and get paid. We heard from users all over the country who work in areas with poor coverage about the anxiety-inducing feeling of not being able to get your job done in the field. That’s why we built Offline Mode and revamped the way we process data throughout the entire mobile application.

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How It Works (The Short Version)

Two major pieces make up Offline Mode:

  1. All users can now download distributor data to their phone so they can use Lilypad without an internet connection.
  2. All activities logged when your phone is offline are stored in the “Offline Data”    section on the Lilypad app. When you are back on the internet, Lilypad will send them out automatically for you. Users can also choose to manually attempt to sync them.

How to download distributor data:

  • Open the mobile Lilypad app
  • Click the hamburger menu in the top left corner  
  • Choose “My Distributors”  
  • Click on a cloud icon next to a distributor to download that distributor data to your phone.  

How to check your Offline Data and attempt to manually send:

  • Check the top left corner for a red bubble with a number in it. This tells you how many items are in Offline Data, if any.  
  • Click the hamburger menu in the top left  
  • Click “My Distributors”  
  • Press the sync button to manually attempt to sync.  

If your Offline data items don’t send it is because you do not have sufficient internet connection. We will send them out automatically when the internet connection is strong enough and the Lilypad app is open.

How It Works (The Long Version)

Think about this in two parts:

  • Part 1: Executing field activities without an internet connection
  • Part 2: Getting those activities back to your team

Part 1:

Now in Lilypad for iOS and Android, users can download their distributor universe to their phone. You can choose to download none, some, or all of your distributor data, it’s entirely up to you. We’d recommend you download the data for the distributor you use most for a faster user experience. By downloading a distributor universe, we mean locally storing the accounts and products data that your distributor, 3rd party data service, or Lilypad provides for you. By downloading this data from Lilypad’s servers to your phone’s storage (local storage) you are allowing Lilypad to skip past the server call that relies on internet connection and pull what you need instantaneously, regardless of coverage.

Here’s how to download your distributor data to your phone:

  • Open the Lilypad mobile app 
  • Click the hamburger menu in the top left corner  
  • Choose “My Distributors”  
  • Click on a cloud icon next to a distributor to download that distributor data to your phone  
    • Don’t see the distributor you’re looking for? Press Manage in the top right of My Distributors. 

That’s it, easy peasy.

Now with that data locally stored on your phone, you can start and complete the following activities out in the field without an internet connection:

  • Find Accounts using local distributor data or online cloud data in the Lilypad map
  • Log Activities and Tasks
  • Log Commitments
  • Post to the Social Wall
  • Edit Account Contacts
  • Change Account Attributes
  • View, change, and add Planner items
  • View Lists
  • Add Follow ups, Potential Placements, and Distributor Attention from Activities

But how do these activities make it back to my team without an internet connection? Keep reading.

Part 2: 

This is where the magic happens. In order to ensure that your actions taken on the features above make it back to the server, we built an entirely new way the app processes data. Now every time you add or edit something in Lilypad we run that through what we call your Offline Data. Just like your cache on an internet browser, your Lilypad Offline Data stores data temporarily.

As an example, let’s say you have no internet connection out in the field. Because you previously downloaded your distributor data (Part 1), you can find an account on the map, edit the contact information for the decision maker at that account, and log a new commitment. As soon as you finish editing the contact and log the commitment, we send that data to your Offline Data Items.     They will stay there until your internet connection is strong enough to send that data to the server and the rest of your team.

There are 3 scenarios where this Offline Data will be sent out:

  1. You log an activity offline and leave Lilypad open. As soon as you regain internet access, we’ll send the data out automatically.
  2. You log an activity offline and then close Lilypad. As soon as you have internet access and open Lilypad again, we’ll send the data out automatically.
  3. You manually re-attempt to send the data by pressing the sync button.  

Regardless of whether or not you have downloaded any distributor data to your phone, Lilypad will send all of your activities through the Offline Data process. For anyone with a solid internet connection, items won’t stay in Offline Data for longer than one second. For anyone who has a shoddy internet connection, items will stay in Offline Data until you’re back in consistent coverage.

What can’t you do when offline?

In Part 1 above we listed everything you CAN do when you’re offline and have a distributor universe downloaded to your phone. There are some things that you CANNOT do when offline simply because these features require server calls to function or downloading this data would take up too much phone storage space.

Here’s what you CANNOT do offline:

  • See new Social Wall posts
  • See new Journal entries
  • View your Sales Dashboard
  • Use Sales Filters
  • Use Quick Links
  • View Sales Logs in Accounts
  • Change your Active Distributor or Download new Distributors

Storage Size:

Downloading a distributor universe shouldn’t be a problem from a storage perspective but if you’d like to see how much space you have available on your iPhone head to: iPhone Settings > General > About. On a Galaxy S9, check storage in Settings > Device Care > Storage

By our math, a small regional distributor will take 5-15 megabytes of storage space. A large multi-state distributor could take up to 150 megabytes.

There are 1000 megabytes in a gigabyte.

iPhone 5 and 6 storage sizes range from 16GB to 128GB
iPhone 7 storage sizes range from 32GB to 256GB
iPhone 8, 10, and X storage sizes range from 64GB to 512GB