Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails: Making Wine Coolers Cool Again
Feb 6, 2017
Written By: Chris Mauro
Category: Customer Spotlight
Apparently, we’re falling hard for Austin, Texas, as we recently partnered with our fourth brand based out of the “weird city”.

Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails, the newest craze in wine coolers, is one of the latest brands to come on board with Lilypad to help drive their market development and sales efforts.

Yeah, you read that right: “newest craze in wine coolers”.

Back in the 1990s, beer started replacing wine coolers as the drink of choice due to a shifting economic landscape: consumers resented the taste of artificially flavored Zima-style beverages and wine taxes increased nationally from $0.17 to $1.07 per gallon.

Since then, the beer scene has exploded. You can now find thousands of Pilsners, IPAs, Lagers, and Imperial Stouts all across the country. They’re portable, potable, and for the most part, pretty easy to stomach.

Market trends have once again shifted in the past few years. Consumers still crave convenience, but they also value freshness. Beer drinkers have also become more adventurous, often opting for unique flavor over inebriation. They seek novelty and originality, not necessarily high ABV.

“No doubt, there’s a massive shift taking place in consumer preferences for beverages,” said Jason Bronstad, President of Mighty Swell and former VP of Sales at Mike’s Hard.

To break into new markets and identify their ideal accounts, Bronstad and crew signed on with Lilypad. “If we’re planning on disrupting the world of beverages, we felt we needed to go with a similarly disruptive sales and marketing software.”

Buyers are more informed now than ever before. “Lilypad makes it easier for us to build relationships with our distributor partners, and key accounts, that will help us grow. It’s a huge asset to our sales strategy,” Bronstad told us.

The next time you’re thinking about what drink you’re going to take to the beach or to your barbeque, consider trying something different. It’s as convenient as a bottle of beer and as crisp as your favorite cocktail; it’s just a little bit different. And we think it’s a mighty swell idea.

To take a look at all the Mighty Swell flavors and see if the drink is available in your area, take a look at the brand website.

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