Lilypad Data

The bridge between suppliers and distributors.

Align With Your Distributors

The supplier-distributor relationship is the stickiest challenge in all of Bev Alc. Suppliers pour their heart and soul into their products and then must rely on distributor partners to get their liquid to the consumers. Somewhere in that hand-off, suppliers lose visibility into which products are getting placed on which shelves. Left in the dark, suppliers have to make guesswork out of sales reporting, account targeting, and more. Lilypad Data is the supplier-distributor integration that gives visibility back to the supplier.


The Vision Suppliers Need

Lilypad Data taps in directly to wholesaler data, translating it into actionable insights for supplier sales organizations using Lilypad CRM. When your distributor depletion data is flowing into Lilypad, your team has the insights needed to increase fulfillment percentage, execute sales strategies, streamline distributor communication, and instantly track annual business plans.

Learn more about how LP Data empowers reps and managers below.


When you integrate your distributor data using LP Data, we align your product, sales, and account universe with your wholesalers’. Every retailer, SKU, and product code is carefully matched, ending the confusion between suppliers and distributors. You can simply and accurately visualize the status of all of your accounts and orders. Using clean visual indicators and filters, reps can target the accounts that are due for fresh liquid or a brand expansion.


You got the commitment; now it’s time to make sure your liquid makes it to the retailer. Lilypad automatically tracks your distributor invoice data in real time so sales teams have vision into their fulfillment progress. We keep reps informed through every step of the placement so they can increase fulfillment percentage with timely followup. Reps can directly view distributor invoices and catch any matched issues quickly so they can ensure they’re getting the right product to the shelf.


Distributor data flowing into Lilypad means your managers and stakeholders can leverage a suite of reports to identify actual sales trends and areas for improvement. We automatically incorporate your real-time sales data into Annual Business Plans to track your progress daily. Easily understand sales, product, and rep data so you can draw up a winning game plan.