Lilypad Surpasses 100th Client Milestone
Sep 6, 2017
Written By: Chris Mauro
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Lilypad, the #1 platform for beverage sales teams, announced the partnership of its 100th client.

Since January 2016, Lilypad has experienced explosive growth of more than 1200%. At the time, Lilypad was implemented with just a handful of beverage suppliers alongside clients in varying market segments such as pharmaceuticals, communications, and insurance. With guidance from early clients and mentors, Lilypad shifted gears to focus solely on the beverage industry, mainly alcohol suppliers working within the three-tier distribution system.

Lilypad has now partnered with clients in more than 30 states, including the nation’s largest craft breweries, regional suppliers, and exciting young upstarts. Beyond breweries, Lilypad works with Craft Distilleries, Cideries, Flavored Malt Beverage companies and even distributor sales teams looking to complement existing route accounting systems.

Lilypad CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Rabinovitz, said:

“100 clients is an exciting milestone for our rapidly growing company. This achievement reinforces that we’re delivering real solutions to long-standing industry problems. I am extremely proud of the dedication and collaboration our team has shown as we scale, and we’re forever grateful to our amazing clients who continue to drive our innovation. It’s great to pause and celebrate during the journey, but we are far from done. We will continue to push the needle, and revolutionize how suppliers and distributors communicate. At the end of the day, our mission is to make our customer’s jobs easier, so they can sell more product. We are having a blast on the quest to do just that.”

Over 1500 beverage industry professionals rely on Lilypad’s technology every day to coach, plan and execute in the field. Lilypad’s impressive platform empowers dispersed teams to collaborate more efficiently, increase market presence, manage goals, streamline customer relationships, communicate across tiers and track placements.

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