Sell More Liquid with Lilypad CRM

Lilypad CRM

Lead your team to Sell More Liquid by using a CRM crafted by industry professionals. Lilypad gives sales teams the tools they need to stay organized and track their path to success.

Top Features

Collaborate & Motivate

Create an environment where your team can thrive every day. Reps are isolated out in the field; improved collaboration with peers and interaction with management ensures you have your finger on the pulse of your sales efforts.

Cross-Tier Communication

Ditch the spreadsheets and stop wasting hours creating reports. Lilypad automatically sends placements, visits, promotions, and account issues identified in the field to your distributors.

Placement Tracker

Your reps and managers will know exactly where they stand with every commitment. Increase awareness, improve closing rates, and manage your funnel.

Activity Management & Execution

Lilypad is the only fully customizable activity management system specifically tailored for beverage alcohol sales. Build, assign, and track every activity your team executes in the field.

Placement Map
Placement Sales Funnel List

Data Integration

Optimized Sales View

Finally, a helpful sales tool that fits in the palm of your hand when integrating with depletion data from alcohol distributors. The Lilypad app provides an intuitive and simplified view for reps to utilize depletion data to improve their sales strategy.

Account Universe Alignment

When you integrate your distributor data using Lilypad, we align your product, sales, and account universe with your distributors’. Every retailer, SKU, and product code is carefully matched, ending the confusion between suppliers and distributors.

Actionable Sales Reporting

Lilypad delivers your distributor sales data in easy-to-use reports that you can use to drive your sales team forward. At Lilypad, we pride ourselves on user-friendly building tools. Join us as we build the future of beer sales reporting together.

Bev Alc Data

Competitive Market Analytics

Ready to take over the market and win prime placements for your brand? 

Fintech’s state-of-the-art market data, crafted in collaboration with IRI, has got you covered. With our cutting-edge analytics, you’ll have the power of cold, hard facts to impress your buyers. Use our market intelligence to craft compelling, data-driven sales pitches that help you champion your brand. 


Competitive Market Analytics graphic CBC

Elevate Your Business With Our Competitive Market Analytics

Secure National Placements

Land hard-to-get meetings and map insight-to-action paths to wow prospects at every defining moment.

Discover New Market Opportunities

Find new areas to increase distribution points and your share of the Bev Alc market.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Analyze competitor performance and current trends to fine-tune strategies, improve margins, and boost revenue.

Inform Product Development

Identify and leverage emerging market trends to align your products with consumer preferences, boosting your brand’s competitive edge.

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