Lilypad’s Beer Sales Best Practices


Everyone has questions.

But it’s not very often you get to ask the experts the hard questions. At Lilypad, people ask us all the time for tips on how to better lead their sales team. We always do our best to help, but sometimes you need to hear directly from the leaders that are actually doing the job to get the insights you’re looking for. That’s why we hosted the Sales Leaders Power Panel at the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference. The panelists, consisting of sales leaders from CANarchy, Allagash, Left Hand, and Two Roads, were no strangers to sharing beer industry insights; however, this CBC panel was an opportunity to uniquely curate questions that would stimulate a collaborative discussion on key topics impacting sales teams today. Our goal has always been to find more ways to take the best practices of the leaders we’re fortunate to work with everyday and share them with the rest of the beverage alcohol community that has treated us so well over the years. To that end, we created this Beer Sales Best Practices blog series and ebook for you to experience this discussion full of hidden gems and actionable takeaways that may reshape how you manage your sales teams, adapt in an ever changing market, assess the future of craft, and everything in between. Throughout this series, we hope to deliver the same value to readers that the in-person CBC attendees enthusiastically said we delivered to them — answers to the hard questions, for the betterment of alcohol sales teams everywhere.


1: Managing Dispersed Teams
2: Goals & Targets
3: New Markets & Rep Expectations
4: Distributor Partners
5: New Product Launches
6: Depletion Data (Ebook Exclusive)
7: Data-Driven Strategy (Ebook Exclusive)
8: Chain Sales (Ebook Exclusive)
9: Incentives (Ebook Exclusive)
10: The Future of Craft (Ebook Exclusive)

The first five articles are now published online.

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