The New Lilypad Client Success Team

Lilypad Updates

The New Lilypad Client Success Team

Lilypad Updates

January 2020

In 2020, our account management crew moved towards a more team-centered approach so we can keep up the outstanding support you’ve come to expect from us.

Lilypad users can now email [email protected] with any questions or requests to get access to an entire team of helpful consultants.

You can also check out our brand new and ever-growing Help Center if you’re more of the self-starter type! 

Lilypad Help Center

In Q1 2020 we launched for clients to learn about all things Lilypad. Stay tuned for more content being released every month!

Lots of positive change happened at Lilypad in 2019. For starters, there are now over 300 beverage alcohol companies and over 5000 human beings using the tools we built from your feedback. Woah. We also hired 11 new teammates and a dog.

Baloo the Lilypad office dog

Then there was the whole acquisition thing that made that kind of growth possible. Please check out our friends at Fintech if you haven’t already!

When Lilypad was young and our user base was much smaller, we ran with the “every client gets a dedicated account manager” model and our clients loved us for it. Our Account Managers were able to spend time with our clients building relationships that paved the way to our success today. We learned that as we grew, there were certain limitations to that old model. Your wait time depended on the availability of your one Account Manager. There was also the challenge of splitting up or shifting accounts among a small group of coworkers as our team changed faces, roles, and responsibilities. With over 300 clients, you can see how that would get messy.

Lyu (Lilypad, left) and Jandro (SanTan Brewing, right)

We knew we needed to make a change if we were going to be able to keep up the outstanding service you deserve. Luckily, the Fintech acquisition gave us some new tech and some new talent to work with!

Here’s how the new system works: when you email [email protected], a “case” is created. The first person available on our team will jump on the case and see it through until it is resolved. If you reply to the same email chain, all the following messages will be linked to that case. If for some reason we determine we need to bring in the more technical team, we’ll connect you with our tier two support team. For any new questions or requests, please send a fresh email to create a new case and email chain!

We hope this change helps us keep up the speed you expect without sacrificing the personal touch that makes us who we are. As always, we appreciate your partnership and patience as we grow and improve together. Stay tuned for new Client Success Help Center content rolling out every month!

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